Establish a Network Source of Truth

Asset Inventory

Asset Breakdown

Model info, location, firmware versions, serial numbers, and any other metadata in the format of your choice.

Warranty and Service Life

See warranty information, firmware updates, and end-of-life dates via OEM integrations.

Instant Search

Quickly search devices by IP, location, config, or other metadata.

Auto Import Devices

Import devices from your monitoring system with our numerous API integrations.

Centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

Complete Access Control

Admin Login Authentication

Control who can administer your infrastructure with central authentication and logging.

User Device Authentication

Authenticate user devices before allowing network access and place them in the correct segment.

Admin Command Authorization

Specify what teams can execute what commands on your equipment.

Active Directory

Integration with Active Directory for group membership verification.

Version Control for the Network

Configuration Management


Incremental device configuration backups stored in a repository and updated automatically.

Change Reports

View incremental config changes at line level for a single change or all changes made over time.

User Tagging

See which administrator made a change inline with a config.


Send change notifications to your teams Slack channel showing who made what change and from where.

Manage the Lifecycle of a Service

Process Automation

Runbooks Included

Start automating firmware updates, certificate deployments, and other tasks on day one with our included runbooks.

Runbook Studio

Import your existing runbooks or scripts and a web form will be automatically generated to fill in variables.

Delegate Administration

Empower your supporting staff to execute standard operating procedures without interrupting your Senior Staff.

Automation Frameworks

Leverage our built-in integrations with popular automation frameworks.

How does it work?

A probe is deployed on the network which periodically reports in to the Realm Helm Portal, checking for tasks, uploading logs, and backups. Administrators log in to the portal to review data or execute changes. No inbound connectivity from the Internet to the probe is required. All secrets and sensitive info are encrypted and stored in the probe.

Do you support multi-tenancy?

Yes. Each client gets their own realm with tight access controls. A user can belong to one or more realms. Oauth federation to Microsoft and other platforms is available.

How safe is my data?

We've built Realm Helm with security as a top priority. Please review our Security Policy to find out how.

How do software updates work?

We continually improve the management interface; however, on site components are versioned and can be upgraded automatically or by administrative control.

Ready to take control of your network?

Imagine your operations standardized and automated.

It's time to establish a source of truth and streamline operations.